20 thoughts on “Dove Evolution | With some images, all is not what it seems

  1. Jamal Ahmad

    Dove is an excellent product. but why do they suddenly stop manufacturing few very popular products. I miss dove for dry skin and dove cream tubes.

  2. Mila Thomas

    The funny thing is, she already has the fair skin(a bit blemished,but still, not that bad) The heart shaped face, the blue eyes,the silky hair, etc all the required aspects in terms of international beauty standards …..

  3. Jiltedin2007

    Saw this for the very first time on Dr. Phil when he was talking to A Neglected Teenage Girl wanting to be A Hollywood Starlet when she grows up.

  4. Chantieluvs

    If it's more aesthetically appealing to our eyes, why not alter the image? Every one of us has the choice to look at that image and become jealous or admire the beauty and become inspired from it

  5. claire arsten

    i can see why people wear makeup though. its sort of a solution to what you might be feeling.people might be afraid of being judged. in junior high i didn't act like my true self because i was afraid that my peers would judge me. but to photoshop other people is pointing out their "flaws" the word average lost its true meaning.

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