20 thoughts on “Beauty Dish vs Softbox: A Studio Lighting Tutorial

  1. ksotiko1

    Hi +Tony Northrup Isn't it kind of an unfair comparison because of their size difference? couldn't you recreate the light of the beauty dish with a soft box of equal size?

  2. Mark Harris

    I love all your videos and bought your book, but Chelsea smoking a cigar? Technically perfect, but anyone who has watched your videos or read your book will realise fitness is very important to Mrs Northrup so that photo doesn't seem right. Now your going to tell me she smokes 20 a night and drinks 8 pints of Guinness.

  3. USMC Veteran

    I use the exact same Einstein light and softbox and it truly is not that difficult! You get an A+ for drama. Also… I setup alone with no problems.

  4. LuEightySix

    Tony Northrup would make a great Bond villain. The type that tells you in detail how your body is reacting to the poison he added to the meal you just finished, while sitting across the table, giving you a smile as you slowly perish. And after you die, he casually adjusts his collar, stands up, and walks away, tipping the waitress.

  5. Chris Pelle

    I work with both and if you are familiar with the deep octa and beauty disc, you can use both for brilliant pictures with different characters.

  6. Svein Arne Grønnevik

    Great tutorial, but… It's not the softbox that's heavy and clumsy. That's you guys!
    I have a Godox 140 Cm octobox with 2 baffles and a Godox mount. It slips so easy on to the Godox Light. And I do everything alone.

  7. Francisco Ortega

    Hey Tony,Can you make a tutorial on the cyber commander and how to set it up as well as using the light meter?  The instructions that come with the same might as well be in some other language because for the life of me i cannot get it.  I currently use Cyber Commander with AB800.  I managed to get it to work so i can at least control the strobe but would really like to start from scratch, setup the AB800 once again and get the light meter to work correctly.Great video by the way.  I really like that deep round softbox and i like the light it produces.Thanks

  8. Caleb Fangman

    Tony & Chelsea you guys are amazing together! I would be lost without your videos. I've learned so much, while also being entertained by the charming personalities that you both have. My wife and I are just starting to built up our studio for a vintage clothing shop we have on Etsy, and your videos have been extremely helpful throughout the process.

    Thank you!

    – Caleb Fangman

  9. hangebicom

    Why in almost ANY vs. videos, we are never shown SAME SUBJECT, SAME POSE, but illuminated with the different light sources, and pictures just shown side by side? I have to pause video, take screenshots and compare them!

  10. RS

    Every time I watch you guys I am drawn to Chelsea's mouth.
    Beautiful, like Jagger on steroids 😉
    You're so blessed !!

  11. Carl Thethird

    You two are so funny! I love watching your videos. Thank you for your review on these two light modifiers. I am considering getting both of them.

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